About Us

In a world where women often juggle multiple responsibilities and face unique health challenges, Pospone was born from the desire to create a hair care solution that cares for women as much as they care for others. We began our journey by surveying 176 incredible women about their experiences with dry shampoos, seeking to understand their concerns and desires.
We heard countless stories of women struggling to find a product that would remove oil effectively, leave no residue, be safe for dark hair, contain no harmful chemicals, provide volume, and have a subtle scent. In the midst of their busy lives, these women craved a hair care solution that would alleviate stress and contribute to their overall well-being.
Driven by their narratives, we created the Twilight Glam Dry Shampoo Set – a unique duo that addresses each concern with gentle, nourishing ingredients. Pospone products prioritize hair health, effectively absorbing oil without stripping hair's natural balance, leaving no white residue or casting on dark hair, and utilizing natural, eco-friendly formulas free of harmful chemicals. The volumizing properties and subtle, refreshing scent provide the finishing touch, leaving women feeling confident and rejuvenated.
At Pospone, we believe that self-care is an essential part of a woman's well-being. With the Twilight Glam Dry Shampoo Set, you'll embark on a journey of mindful hair care that contributes to your overall wellness. Experience the Pospone difference today and join us in creating a world where women can thrive, empowered by innovative hair care solutions that support their unique needs and aspirations.